MIPAQ is pleased to introduce our latest innovative product. EXE-103 EXPANDABLE GRAVITY CONVEYOR The EXE-103 Expandable Gravity Conveyor system is a highly adjustable and adaptable mobile manual roller conveyor system, designed as either an infeed or outfeed roller … [Read more...]

Air-Loc Protective Packaging

INTRODUCING  air-loc  PROTECTIVE PRODUCTS We are pleased to announce the launch of air-loc  air cushion protective products, our latest range of innovative products. The air-loc  system is an on-site, on demand system that creates rugged and industrial grade protective … [Read more...]

MIPAQ Video channel surpasses 750,000 views

There is much excitement as MIPAQ"s YouTube video channel reached the 750,000 views landmark. MIPAQ is very proud and thankful to everyone for their support and use of the channel which can be found at www.youtube.com/mipaqvideo. MIPAQ"s video channel offers over 50 videos … [Read more...]

ENTERLINE Tray Sealing

Tray Sealing is widely regarded as a first world form of retail packaging. In 2008, MIPAQ launched  its range of equipment and consumables in South Africa. The ENTERLINE system is a unique and affordable tray sealing  package that consists of: A unique series of … [Read more...]


MIPAQ offers a range of shrink wrapping options from entry level systems to a full inline semi-automatic/manual modular L-Sealer and Shrink Tunnel combination. All of our equipment is optimized for use with our 5 layer VECTOR POF shrink film , which we offer in 12,15,19 and 25 … [Read more...]


MIPAQ now stocks a wide selection of uniform carton taping machines ranging from entry level ‘budget’ models to the high quality EXTEND brand machines well known for their excellent build quality.  All the following models are ‘uniform’ type machines, meaning they are designed … [Read more...]


Last year MIPAQ introduced two specialised crimpers, models C5004 and C5005,  for manual PET applications. These heavy duty crimpers are designed for crimping 13mm and 16mm serrated seals (gripper seals ) during PET strapping applications.   The jaws of these crimpers are offset … [Read more...]

FEST Strapping Seals

Last year we announced the launch of our FEST branded strapping seals that has replaced our non branded range of seals.  FEST strapping seals are precision formed from quality materials and packed into perfect stackable cartons with plastic inners, making them easier to handle … [Read more...]

Steel Strapping dispensers have ARRIVED !!!

As promised we now offer incredibly made heavy duty  steel strapping dispensers. We offer two models: the CA650HS for 13mm - 19mm and  CA653HS for 32mm Each model comes with the following features: removable bushings so you can resize the dispenser to exactly match your … [Read more...]

MIPAQ replaces ME450FI with 5mm sealer (ME455FI)

MIPAQ has replaced the ME450FI (3mm seal) impulse sealer with the new improved ME455FI, which boasts a solid 5mm seal and a much larger transformer capable of more heavy duty applications. This new model is perfect for PE, PP, Foil, BOPP, PVC and many more types of plastic up to … [Read more...]