Dear Clients & Vendors,

This post serves to notify you in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act 2013 (POPIA) that as an existing client or vendor of MIPAQ CC, we possess and store Personal Information pertaining to you and your organisation.

The Personal Information we possess is required to lawfully engage and transact with you and is collected, processed, retained and securely stored lawfully and for lawful reasons in accordance with POPIA.

In order to continue engaging and transacting with you we will have to continue to process your stored Personal Information and any new or updated Personal Information that you provide us with.

To learn more about out how MIPAQ CC collects, processes and retains your Personal Information, and/or your rights in this regard, please click on the NOTICES tab in the main menu where you will find further information including our Personal Information Processing Notice, Website Privacy Policy and other relevant notices.

If you require further information regarding this matter, and how we will be handling your personal information, please contact our Information Officer at admin@mipaq.co.za.