Its important to have the right packaging equipment at your packing station or warehouse. As a leading importer and supplier of packaging equipment, MIPAQ understands the importance having the right quality packaging equipment and consumables to ensure your products are packaged securely and arrive at their destination intact.

We’ve put together a list of our Top 6 “must have” packaging kits for any warehouse or packing station.

Sealing and Shrink Wrapping Kit

Our recommended Sealing and Shrink Wrapping Kit includes an ME600IP 600mm I-Bar heat sealer, VECTOR centerfold POF shrink film, and an HG2 heat gun.

Shrink wrap packaging machine
HG1 - Heat Gun 1500W
HG2 Heat Gun

With this kit, you can create custom-made bags and shrink wrap or bundle hundreds of items securely. This kit is ideal for sealing and packaging small to medium-sized items. You can view our other shrink wrap machinery on our page

Heat Sealing Machinery

An essential kit piece of equipment for any packing station or warehouse is a heat sealing station. This would include either a hand-operated (desktop type) or a foot-operated sealer for heat sealing bags closed. MIPAQ offers a range of heat sealing options form our MEC range, suitable for various applications. The ME300HI is an industrial quality desktop heat sealer suitable for sealing bags of up to 300mm in width. We have a wide variety of sizes available. The ME455FI is our most popular foot-operated heat sealer for larger bags of up to 450mm in width.

MEC ME300HI Heat Sealing packaging machine
MEC ME455FI foot operated heat sealer packaging machine

Heat sealers are ideal for sealing your product in a waterproofed, dustproof and tamper-evident packaging to ensure the safety and security of the products during transport, handling and storage. With a heat sealing kit from MIPAQ, you can be confident that your products will be securely packaged and protected from damage.

Protective and Void Packing Kit

Protective packaging and Void Packing is extremely important for protecting your valuable products from impact and contact damage during handling and transit. Our recommended products include our airloc air cushion machine and air cushion film. This kit is perfect for creating void packaging and protective packaging for fragile or delicate items. The Airloc air cushion machine inflates and seals the airloc aircushion film thereby creating air cushion packaging on demand, as and when you need it. There are two types of film: the air pillow type for filling voids and gaps, and the heavy duty bubble type used to wrap and protect your products during transit.

View our airloc product range by clicking the link below or visit our airloc website at

AIRLOC Air cushion protective packaging
Bubble packaging air cushion film acf4029

Taping Dispensers

Our recommended Taping Kit includes both a 48mm hand carton tape dispenser with 48mm tape for taping boxes closed with brown carton tape and a 75mm tape dispenser for 75mm CLEAR tape for taping printed address labels and document pouches to the tops of cartons or pallets. Additionally, our ET12271 desktop tape dispenser with 2 x 24mm rollers for 12-48mm tape is perfect for multiple tape dispensing applications.

Hand Strapping Kit

Our most useful Hand Strapping Kit is designed for use with standard 12mm PP plastic strapping, and includes:

  • our B310 or B330 12mm strapping tensioner,
  • C3004 12mm crimper,
  • 12mm hand strapping,
  • a C352 strap dispenser,
  • and UP12 open metal seals.

With this kit, you can easily strap boxes and pallets securely, ensuring your products arrive at their destination intact.

strapping tensioner for packaging
CA352 - 12mm - 19mm PP Strapping Dispenser with tray

Wrapping and Packing Kit

Our Wrapping and Packing Kit includes a pallet wrap dispenser for use with 450mm pallet wrap/stretch wrap to wrap pallets and our heavy duty multiuse, Kraft knife SW9BG retractable utility knife for all cutting purposes such as cutting strapping, tape, and resizing carton boxes. Another useful utility knife is our SD256 hook nosed film and strapping cutter. This is great at cutting pallet wrapped pallets without damaging the carton boxes underneath. If you’re dealing with pallets of goods, then a good pallet wrapping kit is essential for your warehouse or packing station.

W110 - Pallet Wrap Dispenser Heavy Duty 450mm Adjustable
SW9BG - 19mm utility Knife
SD256 - Smart Opener Pallet Wrap cutter with utility blade

In conclusion, having the right packaging equipment is essential for any packing station or warehouse. MIPAQ’s TOP 6 ESSENTIAL packaging kits are the perfect addition to any packing station or warehouse. With these kits and packaging products, you can ensure your products are packaged securely and arrive at their destination intact. Contact MIPAQ today to learn more about our packaging equipment and how it can benefit your business.