Product Description

Create your own On Demand Air Cushion / Pillow Packs with the YC03FD Air-Pad machine for fast void fill packing applications. The YC03FD is desk mounted and simple to operate, creating continuous strips of Air Pad/ Pillow packs without the need for an external supply of compressed air.

AIRPAD Films are eco-friendly HDPE , D2W, biodegradable films, supplied in flat roll format, ready to be quickly and simply filled with air, with different profiles suitable for void fill, interleaving and wrapping applications.

Air Pad cushion films are manufactured with easy to tear perforations that simplify the separation of the cushions.
Three sizes of AIR PAD Films are currently available.
• APF351220 AIR PAD FILM 35µ x 120 x 200mm x 400m
• APF352020 AIR PAD FILM 35µ x 200 x 200mm x 400m

Adjustable fan and motor speeds create up to 18 metres of air cushion packaging per minute.

Product Specification

Model: YC-03FD
For use with AIR PAD FILMS.
Type: semi automatic