An Excellent Solution for Sealing Coffee Bags

The ME400CFN Direct Heat Sealer Is An Excellent Solution for Sealing All Types of Coffee Bags

When it comes to packaging coffee bags, choosing the right heat sealer is vital to ensure product freshness and quality. The ME400CFN coffee bag sealer is a standout machine designed specifically for sealing various types of coffee bag materials. With its beautifully embossed 15 thick seal and two sealing jaws, this self-standing foot-operated sealing machine has been the popular choice for bag sealing over the past 30 years. Featuring a digital temperature controller, the ME400CFN allows users to set the precise sealing temperature according to different materials, such as PP, BOPP, FOIL/PE and PET/PE laminate and even Paper/PE laminate bags. Manufactured by MEC, a trusted brand renowned for its build quality, this model is fully supported by MIPAQ in Durban, the authorized agent for Southern Africa, supplying a wide range of machines and original MEC parts for over 25 years.

coffee bag seal
The ME400CFN Direct /Constant Heat sealer is a foot operated machine perfect for coffee bags

The Perfect Seal for All Coffee Bag Materials

coffee bag seal
constant heat sealer ME400CFN for coffee bags sealing

The ME400CFN constant heat sealing machine is specifically designed to provide a perfect seal for all types of coffee bag materials and formats. Whether you’re using BOPP film, PET film, aluminum foil, metallized PET film, kraft paper + LDPE film laminate, or other combinations of laminated bags designed for packing coffee, this sealer can handle them all. Its two sealing jaws create a beautifully embossed 15 thick, waterproof and airtight seal, ensuring the integrity and freshness of the coffee within the bags.
The double jaw system delivers heat from both sides of the bag making it ideal for standard format bags as well as gusseted bags, that require extra heat. This versatility makes the ME400CFN an excellent choice for heat sealing coffee bags of any material. You can view how to use an ME400CFN on our YouTube channel or click the following link

Precise Digital Temperature Control for Optimal Sealing

To produce and maintain a quality seal on laminated materials such as those used for coffee bags, achieving the optimal sealing temperature is crucial.

The ME400CFN addresses this requirement with its precise digital temperature controller. This advanced feature allows users to set the sealing temperature to the specific needs of different materials.

The thermostat controller maintains the sealing temperature throughout usage, resulting in a consistent seal.

As the ME400CFN is a manually operated machine it requires the operator to close and open the jaws (by way of the foot pedal). To make this easier for the operator the machine has an indicator light and beeper that tells the operator when to release the foot pedal.

Exceptional Build Quality and Reliability

As an MEC brand product, the ME400CFN coffee bag sealer boasts exceptional build quality and reliability. MEC is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer with a long history of supplying the US and EU market. MEC has established itself as a trusted manufacturer of sealing equipment, renowned for delivering high-performance and durable machines. MIPAQ has been the Southern African agents for MEC for over 20 years and the ME400CFN has been a stock standard product for as long.

The ME400CFN has a high quality electronic controller and durable industrial quality parts to ensure longevity. It also has other added features like a protective guard over the sealing jaws to protect the operators hands and a light and beeper to indicate when to release the sealing jaws. With the ME400CFN, customers can rely on a long-lasting sealing solution that consistently produces excellent results.

Original MEC Spares Available

ME400CFN spare parts

To ensure continuous support and maintenance for the ME400CFN , as the authorized agent for MEC , we offer a wide range of parts for repairs and maintenance. This ensures that your ME400CFN remains in optimal working condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing its lifespan. With MIPAQ’s expertise and access to genuine parts, customers can have complete confidence in their investment.

In the world of coffee bag sealing, the ME400CFN direct heat sealing machine stands out as an exceptional solution. With its ability to seal all types of coffee bag materials, precise digital temperature control, and an embossed 15 thick seal, this self-standing foot-operated machine has earned its popularity over the past 30 years. As an MEC brand product, the ME400CFN guarantees outstanding build quality and reliability. Furthermore, with MIPAQ serving as the authorized agent for original MEC spares, customers can access a wide range of authentic parts for repairs and maintenance. If you’re seeking a sealing machine that delivers excellent results and ensures the freshness and quality of your products, the ME400CFN direct heat sealing machine is the ideal choice.