ACF2010 – AIRLOC AIR CUSHION FILM – 200mm x 100mm

Product Description

AIR-LOC protective air cushion film is a cost effective packaging solution designed to cushion and protect your valuable products. AIR-LOC film is light weight and extremely strong making it perfect for void filling applications and ideal for e-commerce packing solutions.  AIR-LOC films are designed for use with our desktop AL-01 air pocket machine.

Features include: Flexible wrapping characteristics, Perforated for easy separation ,Recyclable HDPE, Reduces storage space compared to alternatives like bubble wrap, Produce on demand.

Product Specification

Model: ACF2010
Dimensions: 200mmx100mm per sheet ; 300m per roll
Type: HDPE pocket type air cushion film

How Does it Work ??

view our video below to discover how to make on-demand air cushion packaging with our AIRLOC machine and films.