Do you want shrink wrap egg trays in a professional and secure manner without breaking the bank (or your eggs)? MIPAQ has the perfect solution. Our equipment and shrink film is ideal for small to medium egg producers looking to securely package their egg trays in a cost effective way that has the exact same finish as those shrink wrapped on high end industrial machines.

Shrink wrapping is a popular packaging method that provides excellent protection during transportation, handling and storage. This method is widely used in the food and retail industry and has been found to be very effective in protecting your product all the way from farm to shop shelf and to the customers home. In this quick and easy guide, we will demonstrate how to shrink wrap egg trays using VECTOR polyolefin shrink film and our ME600IP I-bar sealer and Heat Gun, a system we have successfully sold for more than 20 years.

shrink wrap
shrink wrap egg tray

The Right Packaging to Shrink Wrap Eggs:

Eggs are delicate products that require careful handling and packaging to protect them from damage during handling, storage and transporting and also to ensure their freshness. It is essential to choose the right packaging method for egg trays and over the past 20 years our VECTOR Polyolefin Shrink wrap has proven to be an effective packaging method. VECTOR Polyolefin shrink film is a food grade film that is super strong and far superior to the cloudy LDPE shrink wrap or the thin and weak cling film sometimes used in egg packing.

Equipment Required to Shrink Wrap Egg Trays:

To shrink wrap egg trays, specific equipment such as our ME600IP I-bar sealer, a sealing machine with a built-in film roller dispenser and a sealing wire, and our HG2 1200W heat gun is required. These tools are essential for effective shrink wrapping and are standard stock items at MIPAQ. Together with our VECTOR film you can easily wrap hundreds of packs per day.

HG1 - Heat Gun 1500W
HG2 Heat Gun

Choosing the Right Shrink film:

When shrink wrapping egg trays, it is essential to choose the right shrink film. VECTOR polyolefin film is an excellent choice for egg packaging. This brand of shrink film is FDA and EU approved for food contact, ensuring the safety and quality of all food products. Additionally, VECTOR polyolefin shrink film is strong enough to hold the egg trays together and can withstand environmental factors such as dust and moisture. It is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, but we recommend the 19micron thickness in a 400mm or 450mm centerfolded width because of its strength and ease of use.

3 Steps to Shrinkwrap Egg Trays:

With the right equipment and film it is super easy to shrink wrap egg trays. View our product video demonstrating the exact process, using our VECTOR film , ME600IP sealer and HG2 heat gun.

Follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Place the egg tray inside the centerfold VECTOR shrink film.
  2. Use the ME600IP I-bar sealer to cut and seal the film around both open sides of the tray.
  3. Apply heat using a HG2 heat gun to shrink the film tightly around the package.

If you are unable to view the video please click here to view on YouTube

Benefits of Shrink wrapping Egg Trays:

Shrink wrapping with VECTOR polyolefin shrink film and I-bar sealer provides numerous benefits, including:

  1. Protection from damage: Shrink wrapping provides a protective barrier around the egg-tray, keeping the eggs in place, protecting them and stopping them from moving during transportation, handling and storage.
  2. Dust and moisture resistance: VECTOR polyolefin shrink film is resistant to dust and moisture, ensuring that the products remain fresh and of high quality.
  3. Easy identification and branding : A colour printed label insert can be placed on top of the eggs prior to sealing and shrinking. The film is crystal clear making your insert highly visible (unlike other shrink films that are cloudy). This insert can have your brand on it or other information such as the date of packaging, product information, etc, making it easier for customers to identify the product. Also, if you choose to not have a printed insert then the crystal clear property of the VECTOR film will make it easy to identify any cracked or damaged eggs.
  4. Cost-effective: Shrink wrapping is a very cost-effective packaging method which reduces waste and increasing profits. Further, the professional presentation makes it more appealing to customers and allows you to compete with the bigger retail brands.


In conclusion, shrink wrapping egg trays using VECTOR polyolefin film and our ME600IP I-bar sealer is an effective and popular packaging method that ensures the safety and quality of eggs during transportation, handling and storage. With the right equipment, materials, and packaging method demonstrated in this article you can take your packaging to the next level and increase your product sales. To find out more Please Click the link below to send us an enquiry.