Improve Your READY MEAL Packaging with ENTERLINE’s QUALITY Tray Sealing Products.

Enterline tray sealing product take your ready meals to the next level

Ready Meal Packing Made Easy with ENTERLINE Tray Sealing

The rise in popularity of ready meals and meal prep has increased the demand for reliable and efficient ready meal packaging / tray sealing solutions. ENTERLINE offers an all-in-one tray sealing system that simplifies the process and ensures your food stays fresh for longer. In this post, we’ll explore how ENTERLINE can help you take your ready meal / convenience meal packaging to the next level with our internationally successful range of food packaging products.

What is Tray Sealing?

Tray sealing is a process that involves placing food in a plastic tray, covering it with a film, and using heat to create an airtight seal. This process helps keep the food fresh and extends its shelf life. ENTERLINE offers a range of tray sealing machines that are easy to use and deliver consistent results every time.

View our video below demonstrating the ENTERLINE Tray Sealing system

Why Choose MIPAQ and ENTERLINE for Your Ready Meal Packing Needs?

MIPAQ, a leading packaging company in Durban, South Africa, has been the southern African agent for ENTERLINE (also known internationally as ENTERPACK) tray sealing products for over 15 years. The ENTERLINE/ENTERPACK system is an all-in-one solution that includes:

  • Tray sealing Machines – either semi automatic or manual type machines
  • Heater-sets (specially shaped templates and sealing elements designed to match specific tray shapes and sizes),
  • Lidding Film, and
  • a range of high-quality food grade Polypropylene Trays.

Over the years our all-in-one ENTERLINE system has become a popular choice for numerous customers throughout Southern Africa for many different food packing applications, including ready meal packing, deli items, meats, fruits, and more.

ENTERLINE/ENTERPACK tray sealing products are specially designed to work together perfectly, thereby creating a seamless and consistent workflow. This is far more convenient than other tray sealing suppliers that only supply the machine, leaving the customer to source their own trays, templates and film that may or may not be compatible. The ENTERLINE system ensures that customers have access to a complete solution, including all the machinery, packaging materials, and the know-how to use it effectively.

Enterline tray sealing ready meal packaging

Features of Enterline Tray Sealing products

ENTERLINE trays are freezer-safe to -18 degrees Celcius and designed for reheating in a microwave, making them absolutely ideal for microwaveable ready meals and quick and easy meal prepping. The trays and lidding film are ISO22000 certified compliant for food contact safety, providing the highest level of safety and quality for consumers.

MIPAQ has supplied numerous retailers, restaurants, and independent ready meal manufacturers throughout Southern Africa with ENTERLINE/ENTERPACK tray sealing products. The success of these products is due to the superior quality of the packaging materials and the ease of use of the tray sealing machines. Our all-in-one solution saves customers time and money, allowing them to focus on producing high-quality ready meals and other food products.

Enterline tray sealing ready meal packaging

ENTERLINE/ENTERPACK is represented around the world in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia by selected agents, and in Southern Africa by MIPAQ. The brand’s success around the world is a testament to the quality and reliability of their products.

MIPAQ and ENTERLINE offer the perfect solution for small to medium food producers in Southern Africa. The all-in-one system provides customers with everything they need to produce high-quality ready meals and other food products, including tray sealing machines, templates, lidding film, and polypropylene trays. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, MIPAQ is a trusted partner for businesses looking to grow their food production capabilities. Contact MIPAQ today to learn more about ENTERLINE/ENTERPACK tray sealing products and how they can take your packaging to the next level. Visit the ENTERLINE SA website at to learn more about the system and how it can benefit you. Start using ENTERPACK today and experience the benefits for yourself!