ENTERLINE Tray Sealing

Tray Sealing is widely regarded as a first world form of retail packaging.

In 2008, MIPAQ launched  its range of equipment and consumables in South Africa. The ENTERLINE system is a unique and affordable tray sealing  package that consists of:

  • A unique series of counter-top tray sealing machines.
  • A range of heater elements and template sets.
  • A variety of normal, anti-fogging, hold or peelable films.
  • A large offering of PP entervessel trays.

For the retailer this modern and attractive format has the added benefits of  being a tamper resistant , strong, drip free  and certainly more hygienic  form of packaging that promotes self selection and improves turnover.

The consumer in turn receives their product in a convenient container that does not spill, is easy to store, tamper evident and that can be frozen and microwaved.

The ENTERLINE system is suitable for sealing trays of frozen, chilled or hot foods including meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and soups.