ME300CFN – 300mm Constant Heatsealer -foot operated MEC Brand.

The amazing super dee dooper direct sealer can even seal your mother in laws lips

Product Description

Foot operated Constant heat sealer, designed to deliver a 15mm embossed seal across a 300mm length from top and bottom sealing jaws. Ideal for use with PP, BOPP, Foil and laminated bags.

Examples of use: Coffee bags, sweet packets, washing powder etc.

Product Specification

Type: Foot operated – std 85cm sealing height
Seal Type: Constant/ Direct Heat
Temp range:  0-200 degrees Celcius adjustable with indicator light and beeper
Jaws: Stainless Steel coated with Black Teflon coating.
Power:  220V/240V 16amp


Model: ME300CFN
Seal Length: 300mm
Seal Width: 15mm Embossed

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Product Video


The DIRECT HEAT /CONSTANT HEAT type sealing machines are ideal for sealing laminated plastics, PP, BOPP and Foil bags for applications such as packing coffee, washing powder, dog food, protein powder etc.