Air-Loc Protective Packaging


We are pleased to announce the launch of air-loc  air cushion protective products, our latest range of innovative products.

  • The air-loc  system is an on-site, on demand system that creates rugged and industrial grade protective packaging as required.
  • air-loc  protective air cushion film is a cost effective packaging solution designed to cushion and protect your valuable products. It is light weight and extremely strong making it perfect for void filling applications and ideal for online retailer and e-commerce packaging solutions.
  • air-loc  is designed for use with our AL-01 desktop air pocket machine which is fully adjustable allowing variable inflation of the pockets as required, with a maximum speed of up to 3m per minute.

We currently offer two popular sized films :

ACF2010 200MM X 100MM X 300M

ACF4029 400MM X 290MM X 200M


Benefits of air-loc  films  include:

  • Flexible wrapping characteristics
  • Perforated for easy separation
  • Clean and dust free protection
  • Triple layered film with strong air seal
  • Recyclable HDPE
  • Reduces shipping costs
  • Reduces storage space compared to alternatives like bubble wrap
  • Produce on demand packaging

The above films are designed for use in our air-loc  AL-01 machine, designed to inflate and seal the air cushion film.

The AL-01 is a desktop unit that is adjustable , allowing you to manufacture custom levels of inflated pockets as per your specific requirement.




Create your own On Demand Air Cushion / Pillow Packs with the AL-01 AIR-LOC Air cushion machine for fast void fill packing applications. The AL-01 is desk mounted and simple to operate, creating continuous strips of Air Cushion/ Pillow packs without the need for an external supply of compressed air.
AIR-LOC Films are multi layered eco-friendly HDPE , supplied in flat roll format, ready to be quickly and simply filled with air, with different profiles suitable for void fill, interleaving and wrapping applications. AIR-LOC films are manufactured with easy to tear perforations that simplify the separation of the cushions.


Model: AL-01
Type: automatic

Please find our brochure attached, detailing our current offering.


To find out more about our air-loc  products or how we can help you with a protective packaging solution,
please contact us at or call us on 031 569 3045 /56.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.

the Team @ MIPAQ