Product Description

The EHQ200N AUTOMATIC ENTERPACK TRAY SEALING machine is essential to the Enterpack range of products to complete our tray sealing solution. The EHQ200N is compatible with all EHQ200 ENTERPACK heater sets, trays and films.
This semi automatic tray sealing machine  is ideal for packing microwaveable convenience meals, fruits & veg, braai packs and many other food packing applications.
Simply place the tray into the tray holder and the machine automatically draws it into the sealing chamber, where a layer of film is sealed to the top of the tray. Excess plastic is neatly cut around the shape of the tray to create a professional finish.  Once complete the drawer opens and releases the tray.

Designed for use with the following trays:

PSW- 12155         Square PP White – 50mm
PSW 12184BLK  Square PP Black – 40mm
PSW 12186BLK  Square PP Black – 60mm
PRW- 13003B    ROUND PP Black- 30mm
PRW- 13006       ROUND PP White – 60mm
PRW- 13006B    ROUND PP Black- 60mm
PRW- 13006C    ROUND PP Clear- 60mm



Product Features

Fully Automatic Or Semi Automatic Operation
Touch Free Operation / Automatic Tray sensor
Power Save Option
Temperature and Sealing Time Adjustment
Hygenic Loading Of Film
Perfect Seal Every Time
Simple and Neat Design – Easy to install
Quick Changing of Heater Sets
Low Noise During Operation
Quick Changing of Heater Sets
Simple and Neat Design